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            What to do if I have to hold or reject any order?

            Plant Manager has some functionalities which are realities of the shop floor. Orders can get hold, Unhold, or Rejected. The Plant Manager helps you to quickly adjust to the new schedules within seconds as per below-mentioned points.

            1. On Scheduled/ Inprocess Orders page, if an Order is in Inprocess status, you can see Hold Option. 
            2. When you click on it, the Orders moves to the bottom of the page and status is changed to HOLD. Here this order will not be seen in Daily / Consolidated Schedule Reports.
            3. The material of HOLD orders moves to a Blocked Parking Location of WIP warehouse.
            4. You can now UNHOLD the Order. Here the order status will change to Inprocess and now you can set the priority and Force Reschedule. The material will now move from Blocked to Unrestricted Parking Location of the WIP warehouse.
            5. When any Order is HOLD, you can REJECT the order by clicking on Reject Order. You have to sure before Rejecting any Order as you cannot revert this process. Once an order is Rejected, the material will move to Scrap Parking Location of Default Raw Material warehouse.

            After each HOLD/ UNHOLD/ REJECT order click, the system automatically FORCE RESCHEDULEs.

            Any more queries, pls raise a Support ticket.

            Updated: 12 Aug 2018 05:51 PM
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