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            If I have an Order of 100 pcs from a customer and I know my Average Rejection Percentage is 10%, then can I be able to plan Order quantity accordingly?

            Yes, you can now do that. Please go through below guidelines.

            1. In Order Input page, update an Order of 100 pcs.
            2. Go to Pending Orders page and left click of Select Machines tab.
            3. Here, you can view the Planned Order quantity field. Input "100+10% of 100", i.e. 110 as Planned Order quantity.
            4. Select Machine/ Vendors and plan order accordingly.
            5. On Dispatch page, go to Details of a particular product.
            6. Scenarios of Dispatch:
            a. Planned Order quantity (100 pcs) = Actual Order quantity (100 pcs) : Dispatch equal to Order quantity and Close the Order.
            b. Planned Order quantity (110 pcs) > Actual Order quantity (100 pcs) : Dispatch any number of quantity greater/lesser than Actual Order quantity, provided FG stock is available OR Dispatch Actual Order quantity if 10% rejections have happenned. 
            c. If Actual Order quantity was 100 pcs and we planned for 110 pcs, and now, 20 pcs were rejected, so we can Dispatch 90 pcs and Close the Job Card. You can always Open the closed Orders from Closed Orders page.
            For any more queries, raise Support Ticket.

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