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            How to make use of Inventory Module? What are the features of Inventory Module?

            Plant Manager Team has introduced this module of Inventory Management.

            Inventory Management includes transacting, managing and tracing stock levels of Raw material, WIP and Finished Goods across all locations of the plant. 

            Inventory Management features are as below:

            1. Create different Warehouse Codes and Names
            2. Three default Parking Locations created in a Warehouse, namely, Unrestricted, Blocked and Scrap
            3. In any Warehouse, create Parking Locations as per requirement.
            4. See stock status while Order Input.
            5. Check Stock Status at warehouse/ parking location level
            6. Transfer facility from warehouse to warehouse OR Parking Location to Parking Location.

            For any more queries, pls raise a Support ticket.
            Updated: 12 Aug 2018 11:45 PM
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