Plant Manager

            How is the planning done when a single machine does multiple operations?

            Scenario: Customer creates an order, assign 2 operations (Say Turning 1 & 2) in the same machine (ex: Turning-1) Order quantity  300 nos. After the completion of 150 nos in Turning 1 operation, Turning 2 operation should start. Is this possible?

            Since multiple operations are on the same machine, the system will not start operation 2 till the time operation 1 is complete. If it would have been on another machine, your operation dependency comes into picture. (The operation 2 will start as per dependency defined)

            In this case, another option for you is to "Split" the order manually from Planning menu and have 2 orders of 150 Qty each. This way your first order (150 qty) will be complete and then order 2 will start as well. Order 2 can start along with order 1 if the machines are available and only contingency will be there for the Turning operation (as per example)
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