Plant Manager

            How do I manage vendor operation in planning? How can I track Pendency?

            Subcontracting Transactions of outsourced operations are generally done by Stores Team. This is why, in Plant Manager, Sending in Receiving of stocks has to be done from Stores> Vendor- Material Management page.

            You will find all job cards bifurcated in four different categories in the drop down. So you know actual status of Vendor Processes.

            1. Vendor Pending: Shows Job Cards which are Pending to sent to vendors.
            2. Vendor In Process: Shows Job Cards whose stocks are sent, but pending to be received either partially/ completely. 
            3. Vendor Complete: Shows Job Cards whose stocks are Completely received. 
            4. Order Complete: List of Jobs which are Completed

            Refer Material Status (Vendor) Report for Sent vs Received comparison. 

            Updated: 26 Mar 2018 11:34 PM
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