Plant Manager

            How do I add new orders?

            Once the masters are set, you can proceed for taking new customer orders.

            Go to Customer Section> Order Input> Add Order and give below details:

            1. Sales Order Number/ Purchase Order Number
            2. Select Customer
            3. Select Product
            4. Provide quantity of Order
            5. Provide Date of Delivery committed to customer
            6. Show Order Completion Date gives you the date by when this order can be completed. This date is based on Cycle Times provided for each Machine Operation and considering that the Order will be processed after all current Inprocess/ Scheduled Orders are processed.
            7. You can also view Stock Status in default and other warehouses before taking a decision of Order Quantity.
            8. Give an urgent Order flag if required.
            9. Provide Notes/ Remarks if necessary.
            10. Direct Dispatch Order option: If we have stock of 100 pcs in Finished Goods (FG) warehouse and we have an order of 100 pcs, we can Dispatch the FG stock against the same order by selecting Direct Dispatch option. Here, the order will not move to Pending Orders page, instead will be directly seen on Dispatch page.

            For any further details, raise Support ticket.

            Updated: 12 Aug 2018 04:26 PM
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